Thursday, February 19, 2009


I'm just a simple person who really adore music , arts , architecture , travel , books and fashion :) 

graduated from  Faculty Architecture and Planning at UiTM Shah Alam 

I live my life just like a normal girl who have a family and friends. share everything that I like and mostly I never ever feel regret in my life and for sure I live my life happily 

addicted on chocolate, ice cream  and for sure a good of music movie and books  ! 

this blog is just one of my medium to share everything I love , my experience , and tips to you guys ! 

and yes this is my books and  I do write a lot about me and never ever write about anyone else :) 

this is me and this real me :) 

plus from travelling to music to arts to books and to fashion my story never end :) 

anything for review or others you can contact me. 

do enjoy read my blogs ! 



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