Friday, July 31, 2009

setelah lamer x write kt blog

finally yeah....since i never eva open my blog..n of course i never eva wrote anyting bout me......i haf so many story...bout my ex relationship, bout 'putus suda kasih sayang wit uitm' ,virus influenza H1N1,my bored works,n especially my dreams....

firstly..i juz wan to tell dat i cant easily forget my past history...its super duper suck for me...everyone can said...juz forget ur past..make a new ur new book..i'm not a computer o a hp...can DELETE..if u don wannna it!!!
m juz a person..a daughter from malek,mariam wit azizah....its so hard for me oke..i cant forget my relationship wit my ex bf...he is stick like poster on my wall!!!even we r 'putus' since 3 years ago!!i cant easily forget him...i juz wanna b fwen wit him..i wan b fwen wit all my ex..i don wan any musuh!!! i'm lost my feel..when i receive his text
i'm so so so regret wat happen btw us!!!i'm not playing fool wit u oke...!!!!!
i always askin myself...n i so bad to him?..i don any idea rite now....=(

secondly..bout putus suda kasih sayang wit uitm...maybe i don haf a luck wit it...i cant b 1 of uitm student!!!for now i juz using my m3x card for watching muvee at tgv n gsc...=)
no more class,no more lec,no more lab,no more assgmnt,no more pak gad wit saman n last but not least no more izzwan assgmnt..=p
kliuc or uitm maybe waiting for me oke...for d nex intake!!...=)

thirdly...virus influenza a days..everyone always talk bout it...7e,kedai kopi,office.n everywhere...wat is virus influenza H1N1?
H1N1 is usually found in pig herd,at d 1st,diz virus is not infections to human being,but current situations proves d contray.diz virus is now easy spread betweens humans,which is suspected disseminated through cough n sneeze..
actly...for d 1st time..i'm not really care bout it...bout d symptoms or anyting else...i juz noe d virus come from new york( my dreams country) n pig!!
but my tink totally change..when i got d symptoms!!!i got a caugh,high fever,bodily pains!!n as soon as possible i askin all my bff..wat d H1N1 symptoms or sign?..they told me caugh.fever.bodily pain.flu,bread shortage!!
i haf 3/5 d symptoms...n maybe i can get d + result!!!i'm so scared oke..i'm not worried bout myself...i juz worried bout my sis...she's pregnant rite now...i don wan anyting happen to my future anak buah!!!
n d nex day..i go to clinic..for futher inspection..n i got + result!!i didnt get H1N1!!i juz got high fever n caugh only...=) bored works..!!!'hello cencon..can i help u?ya..ur id machine? audit count n d key oke? oke...diz is d nmbr oke...(......) got it?'or..'hello cencon...ur close code?..oke...anyting else?"..everyday..everyhour..(witout my break time)..everysecond...i always talk d ayat!!i'm so bored oke!!!i'm not learn to b a operator!! bad to me...but thank god...i got d sallary for it...=)
n from my sallary...i can payback all my utang..gv a little bit of to both of my moms n my daddy...treat all my sis n my bff...saving...n
las but not wish list!!!! dreams..yeah3...i haf so many wish tekad..i wan buy dslr..b4 i continue back my studies...DSLR waiting for me oke...i noe 1 day..u can b wit me...=)..
i don noe..since i'm child..i luv taking pic,i luv taking my pic n i luv other person taking my pic..=) but neva anyone knows, bout it...=(

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