Wednesday, September 30, 2009

afraid on every minutes and every seconds

arrgh....i'm so scared right now!!!!
thanks k my sayang sayang~~
era , fara , ain , wan , kak eila , apin
*i'm afraid on every single things~~~~T-T

dedicated to me~~from FARA

Dear Han,

aku sebenarnye xtau la babe. aku bukan kecik ati dengan kamu. or even mara dengan kamu. maybe i just don't want u to be d last resort for him. bile die da susah or sengal2 baru die nak carik kamu. bile die f***ing happy ngan ex die yg &^%^$ tuh die cam x ingat kamu.

die nak buat kamu jadi gf die. but then die selalu cite pasal ex die kat kamu. die macam xleh nak get over ex-gf die. so, what for kamu jadi gf die? if die btol2 want u to be his special one, so he needs to ready 1st la babe.

aku xnak in the end kamu sedih gile je nanti. i could see that u love him so much kot. cam da x nampak laen da. love is blind as u said kan. yeah right~love is blind. but kamu who fall in love is not blind. you can make decision wisely. so, bleh tau ape yang betol or ape yang salah.

bukan salah kamu nak suke die. bia la kan. hati org bukan leh tahan. we're talking bout feeling right now. abstract kot. if feeling suke and syg tuh dtg, nak buat macamane. but it is also something that we can control. am writing all of this crap in here is because i LOVE u sooo much. u r just like my other good friends. so, i don't want u to be hurt in the future. trust me. bile ko broken hearted, bukan la mende yang best pon. ur heart is something that u're d one who took care of it. so if sakit, kamu akan blame urself nanti die. don't let it happen.

even baru kenal kamu, tapi cm da lame kan. sebab aku comel and kamu bergaye. sebab tuh la kite best. haha. btw babe, love u so much.

take care dear! :)

*farah!! aku glew glew terharu kot...tatau nak kate aper kot.....i really really appriacte it!!! i love you damn so so so so so much FARA ALIAA ABDULLAH

my feel like in the air~~~;)

i got his text last morning....says that "do u wan to b my gf "

oh my god..i don't think about it...( blushing)~~~;)

i like him and really really like him..and i will keep on trying to make him so so so happy ~~~;) even thought i know i can't make it~~;(

my life would be happy if i can make him so so so happy and forget his bad history~~~yes yes i swear~~~;)

and i know right now my heart is still still jumping around in myself....

and the first things that i want to do is...i want pick up my miracle!!!!!!!

take it slow

I will keep you waiting,
Until you say something
Baby don’t be hating,
I’m just doing my thing
No no no no,
Can you fill me in

Can I get your number; I will be your shelter
Through the rain and thunder,
break your heart I’ll never
I’ll promise you forever

Maybe we can take it slow
I can show you what you’ve been waiting for
Maybe we can take it slow
Just let me show you what’s you’ve been waiting for

Sinking in each other,we will be together
Lacing up my finger, saving all my kisses for you
You’re all that I need and you’ve got me thinking, if

* you're sticking like poster on my wall~~~;p ARIF SYAHIR AHMAD NASARUDDIN

Monday, September 28, 2009

perasaan yang tak tentu ala

saya sangat tidak tahu apa yang berlaku dalam hidup saya..yang pasti saya apa yang saya rasa kosong!!!!!

kosong dalam segala hal..kosong dalam pemikiran dan kosong dalam perlakuan

dalam fikiran hanya memikirkan perkara yang sama...

dalam perlakuan hanya melakukan tetapi tidak sepenuhnya

tolong tolong kembalikan diri saya yang asal

mulut hanya senyum tetapi tidak dalam hati
ketawa bagai orang gila tetapi tidak dalam hati
makan dengan sekenyang kenyangnya tetapi tidak dalam hati
mata tidak menangis tetapi menangis dalam hati

saya tahu saya masih lagi akan kembali menjadi yang asal seperti sediakala
cuma kadang kala ia tidak akan menjadi seperti yang diharapkan
saya akan melihat diri saya sendiri tanpa ada sesiapa yang tahu
*stop haunting me~~~please~~~~~T-T

Thursday, September 24, 2009

post yang tiada title~~;p

all my family except my brother in law~~~;p
say cheese my lovely sis my my sweet mom
setelah penat berari rayer dan makan makanan
rayerayer pnyer mood telah kemuncak~~;p

my 3rd day hari raya..
all my sister come back to my house...yeah yeah i like it~~
i really really miss my nephews and my nieces...
everything going fine until hari raya quite oke..even i cant get so so many duet rayer on this year...waaaaa..T-T

tawaf seluruh batu pahat~~~=)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

finally i like him damn so much

my heart is jumping around in myself....don't you ever asking me why. why i keep smiling after read it his text, after got his call...and after met him for a while.

and right now i still don't know why....

he is so weird for me...but no matter what i still like him..and i like him so much..

if i want to love him It’s like I’m picking up a miracle off the sidewalk
is so so so so difficult for me....=(

the big problem is..his ex girlfriend still want him...='( bad for me.....

my heart stop breathing when he text me" i might just have accepted her"..what? only the word stuck in my mind...

i still confuse, stress , don't have any feeling~~~~

twist me around

Strolling along down the road in the evening with the moon and the sky
Hey diddle-diddle the cat in the fiddle my heart jumps over the moon

My hands are held while we're crossing the street
It's all I could hope for
Seeing your smile when I tickle your tummy is all I ever wish for

Sometimes you're sweeter than a pie made of lemon
But sometimes full of secrets like Clark Kent

I've always dreamed of being couple like Daisy and the famous Donald Duck
Harry and Sally or Bonnie and Clyde all you have to do is knock

Twist me around
All I need is someone who's willing to stroke my hair
Like a soft blowing breeze..
My poor sentimental side
Twist me around're sticking like poster on my wall....

my 1st day rayer...~~

my mood still happy after got mokhtar message say sorry and happy raya babe~~finally he text me back after 3 months he didnt want text me..~~and we still keep messaging ..he asking about my life after we break off~~his girlfriend send regards to me and wish me happy hari raya~~yeah2...i like it so much~~~;p

this morning nothing special at my house...most my sister have fun at their mother in law houses...='(
my older sister NISA at sungai besar , LELA at kuala kangsar and SIKIN at keratong~~just only me, MANJE wit my abang ipar, NIZAM and my lovely MAK and DADDY~~=)

i dont know..i still no mood for hari raya...maybe i cant get duet rayer or most of my sis not at here..waaaaaaaaa...aiyark so bad for me...

the best thing i'm doing for this hari raya is......

still sitting in front of my "barang kesayangan dunia akhirat"~~~;p

*i miss him damn so much..hopefully my handphone is ringing with song"i love you yes"(i will miss u babe)~~

Friday, September 18, 2009

appy ari rayer everyone~~=)

selamat hari raya~~maaf zahr dan batin k~~~

semoga aidilfitri kali ni lebih baek dari sebelumnya~~~;p

- sorry to daddy
- sorry to mak
- sorry to mama
- sorry to all my sister
- sorry to all my brother
- sorry to all my family relatives
- sorry to all my frens
- sorry to all my super best frens
- sorry to all my teacher
- sorry to all my skandal~~;p
- sorry to all my ex~~;p
- so so so so sorry to him~~=)

*sorry k~~~i luv them damn so much~~~

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i miss you~~~;p


i miss you DUET RAYA

i miss you KETUPAT n RENDANG

i miss you LAGU RAYA

i miss you BAJU RAYA n so on

i miss you my parents KISSES

i miss you my ROOM

i miss you my LAPTOP

i miss you my SISTERS

i miss you my BROTHERS

* i miss him damn so much~~~
* i miss his message~~~;p

Sunday, September 13, 2009


i'm oke rite now...
and i always be myself


*babe...anyting juz let me noe k...and i always wit u no matter wat~~

Friday, September 11, 2009

insiden bakal kne rompak

glew takot..nk kena rompak...janji xnk jalan sorg lagi....kt kawasan rumah-rumah org gak umat yg nk rompak org....2 biji motor mhalang perjalanan sy...1 ex5..i lgi tidak ketahui...
' bagi hp ngn duet ko skang'..2 la ayt die tujukan utk jawab"nah amikla..sumer lepasakn sy" smbl mhulur hp dan duet kp mereka....
tapi...syukur org lalu..kt kwsn tu...dan mereka tros pergi..tanpa sempat amik hp dan duet sy...

sy sgt takot kot...nk air mata xnk kuar...uhuhuhuh..

tolong -tolong la kua....ble maser cmni...xnk kua plak...

ini 2 ditimpa keadaan cmni..~~`

*time kaseh kt dee,along.arep,yun n ain sbb risau keadaan sy

Thursday, September 10, 2009

i like

yes yes i like you yes again~~~

i like the way you try to stare at me,but you cant because you afraid

i like when you walking to me with your malas jalan

i like when you reply my text with "hahahha" and i know you're still laughing

i like when you still keep asking me "why"

i like when you sharing your bittersweet memories with me

i like when you trying to hit me back by using my word

and now i still dont know and i really really like him or i just like him as a friend..
and i so bad? because have a feeling to him?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

counting the days

wednesday,thursday.friday..weekend...and another weekdays...n saturday morning...i'm going back to BATU PAHAT.~~~

i'm not counting for hari raya...i'm counting to hugs my daddy n both of my mom..

i feel my life is empty without them....='(

*post blog tah pape...sbb rindu sgt sgt sgt kt dorg...
*babe...thanks k 4 everyting..;p t i banjer u mkn k...=)

i love you yes

yes yes i love you daddy...i didnt see my daddy since 3 months after my sister wedding...i dont know why.. i missed him so much..after got his are my only one...
and no one can replace you as my FATHER~~~

*kmu pergi mkn ubat k..=)

Saturday, September 5, 2009


'han apsal ko slalu appy je '

i dont knoe why my friends always asking that question to me..actually i have so many problems
problem in myself ..problems with my family..problems with my friends...
and i always have a problems with my ex boyfriend
i know that i always act like i'm a happy person...

We're not always at the top of our life, sometimes we sink to the bottom of it. Like my relationship too, sometimes we're so happy like the world is ours but sometimes we fight over the silliest issue ever. but i'm always keep on trying....i'm always trying to find the rite person for me...
n always keep on trying to forget him..=(

and now i like the freak guys...freak guys who doesnt believe at gurls and love....
actually i like him since we met at uitm arau...

*babe..keep on trying to forget her oke..=)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1 malaysia

appy independent day everyone...

merdekakah kita semua..?merdeka dari segi apa?
penjajahan pentadbiran atau penjajahan minda?

merdekakah kita semua..?jika hidup ini masih lagi
dibelenggu perasaan benci dah hilang semangat

merdekakah kita semua..?ketika kita semua masih diulit mimpi
ada lagi orang yang bersekang mata untuk mecari sesuap nasi

merdekah kita semua..?jika kita masih berada di tahap yang lama
dan tidak ingin berubah walau satupun

merdekakah kita semua..?ketika kita sedang menikmati kehidupan
dan kesenangan masih lagi ada orang yang menderita

merdekakah kita semua..?jika kita hanya berserah kepada TUHAN
semata-mata dan tidak berusaha

merdekakah kita semua..?ketika ini kita masih lagi lalai dengan
dunia hiburan dan duniawi..kita tidak memikirkan dunia yang lain

entahlah kurasa diriku tidak merdeka lagi..
kumasih mempunyai keluarga yang mempunyai tanggungjawab
terhadap diri ini...
ku punya daddy, mak , mama, kakak-kakak , abang-abang dan jua adik
yang mengambil tahu dalam segala hal...
tapi ku tetap GEMBIRA dalam keadaan sebagaimanapun..

kujuga mempunyai kawan-kawan yang sentiasa ada dimana sahaja
walaupun ku tidak punya teman istimewa...

sekian terima kasih

*tidak raser merdeka ag..semua2 yang aku nyatakan...aku buat jua..
(insafi diri sendiri)

berbuker poser bersama alifah

actly ktorng x g berbuker poser...kerana kedua-duanya

ktorg tgk dance flick...kt gsc one utama...tix pkl 7..
masuk2 tros mkn pop corn..hhahaha...actly ktorng je malay
kt dlm 2...yg laen sumer de la 6 org je tgk...
termasuk ktorg....
da la kt dlm ou tu sesat...nk cr gsc pon pyh...pas2 nk g cr
popular bookstore pon sesat gak...hahhahah..
lepas abes tgk muvee...ktorg lepak la kt hartamas...
tmpt kwn2 alifah slalu..lepak..
ade muhaimin.hilal n tasya...
sumtimes pe dorg borak ak tatau,,,ak cam out of places
tp xper...yg penting njoy k...4 thn kot...xjmper alifah
lame glew...kan?
ktorg slalu jew plan nk hangout sumernyer xjd kot
1st ktorg nk plan maser earth hour...ak lepak maner..
die lepak maner..ak kt pavillion die kt caps square..
then maser kt bb..ak da puas jejalan keliling sg wang
dier x smpi2...then xjmper la kan bebeh..
then las saturday...ak nk buker poser ngn die n izzah...
tp ak kne stand by kot!!!pergh geram glew kot...
then rini la ak jmper die...yeah2...
actly..alifah de probs samer cam ak...nk balek kt ex bf...
2la...susah glew kot..nk dptkn balek ex
cam dia da de gf kot!!!