Sunday, September 20, 2009

finally i like him damn so much

my heart is jumping around in myself....don't you ever asking me why. why i keep smiling after read it his text, after got his call...and after met him for a while.

and right now i still don't know why....

he is so weird for me...but no matter what i still like him..and i like him so much..

if i want to love him It’s like I’m picking up a miracle off the sidewalk
is so so so so difficult for me....=(

the big problem is..his ex girlfriend still want him...='( bad for me.....

my heart stop breathing when he text me" i might just have accepted her"..what? only the word stuck in my mind...

i still confuse, stress , don't have any feeling~~~~

twist me around

Strolling along down the road in the evening with the moon and the sky
Hey diddle-diddle the cat in the fiddle my heart jumps over the moon

My hands are held while we're crossing the street
It's all I could hope for
Seeing your smile when I tickle your tummy is all I ever wish for

Sometimes you're sweeter than a pie made of lemon
But sometimes full of secrets like Clark Kent

I've always dreamed of being couple like Daisy and the famous Donald Duck
Harry and Sally or Bonnie and Clyde all you have to do is knock

Twist me around
All I need is someone who's willing to stroke my hair
Like a soft blowing breeze..
My poor sentimental side
Twist me around're sticking like poster on my wall....


f.a.r.a.h said...

aku type kat post yg nih!!!!!!
nape xde??

han said...

babe..tatau la...tatau naper?