Sunday, September 20, 2009

my 1st day rayer...~~

my mood still happy after got mokhtar message say sorry and happy raya babe~~finally he text me back after 3 months he didnt want text me..~~and we still keep messaging ..he asking about my life after we break off~~his girlfriend send regards to me and wish me happy hari raya~~yeah2...i like it so much~~~;p

this morning nothing special at my house...most my sister have fun at their mother in law houses...='(
my older sister NISA at sungai besar , LELA at kuala kangsar and SIKIN at keratong~~just only me, MANJE wit my abang ipar, NIZAM and my lovely MAK and DADDY~~=)

i dont know..i still no mood for hari raya...maybe i cant get duet rayer or most of my sis not at here..waaaaaaaaa...aiyark so bad for me...

the best thing i'm doing for this hari raya is......

still sitting in front of my "barang kesayangan dunia akhirat"~~~;p

*i miss him damn so much..hopefully my handphone is ringing with song"i love you yes"(i will miss u babe)~~

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