Saturday, October 17, 2009

nightmare again

arghh....i got this nightmare again..waaaaaaaaa...i can't stand it..please please..go away from me...
i am begging you...
the same nightmare i got it from last week and last night..and the important is.. it become when i just have a tidy so bad for me...T-T

can u stop it..stop it from doing the stupid work again..from your stupid come to my nightmare..and right now..i got a headache from last morning until now..='(

actually i don't wanna write about this to my blog..but it come to me 3 times..i can't stand it anymore..i want to sharing about this to someone close to me ...but..

right now..i need someone can hug me...can lend her/his shoulder to me when i crying..

and for my headache..please please stop it..sungguh sungguh saket taw tak..

*sangat sangat saket kepala selepas dapat sms tersebut..last night..dan akan terus saket lagi~~dan adakah nightmare itu akan datang malam ni lagi?~~~='(


BuLaN iTu aKu said...

i hate nightmare..
sebelum tido kene basuh kaki dulu

h.a.n said...

erm...saya sudah basuh kaki...dan sudah basuh muka...