Monday, November 30, 2009

new moon

this is novel new moon i got it from cik fara aliaa and cik eznira rhazali...;)

i already watch that movie with my officemate...;))
i just can gave 3 and half star only...maybe twilight more better oke....;)
right now i just confuse..why i can crying read the novel but not watch so so confuse...

i love scene when bella birthday..its remind me about my birthday....;))) so great...i like..;)
but i really love when jacob dialogs.." for charlie.....for me...i'm begging you.."

"what did you think you were going to find? i mean, besides me dead? did you expect to find me skipping around and whistling show tunes? you know me better than that" page 389 new moon novel...i love the dialog...damn so much...

i don't know why i love the movie and the novel...because of the hero..robbert pattinson...i love him when i saw him in harry potter( oo0o0..glew comel mamat ni)...or maybe i love vampire...;))
or i'm just an ordinary girl love reading books and watching movie....
when i was at school...i was collect all my money to buy my comics and books...;))

reading books make me so so so enjoy and apperiaciate my life...;))

*remind back my memory with my ex boyfriend...i already told him..i want set of harry potter novel..but he gave me..a bouquet of orange roses on my bad!!!

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