Monday, November 2, 2009

nor haziqa kaisara

see...she so so so cute with her mouth was open~~~;))
my super duper great mak, my lovely sis, my sweet niece and me.....

kenapa la kamu ni comel sangat...i wish we can change the type...i will be a baby~~;))

kamu tido dan tido dan tido....and kamu sangat sangat kecil..tapi kamu sangat sangat sangat wangi dan suci.....;))
yeah yeah...finally i can write about her..and upload her picture..;))
dia sangat sangat kecil sampai saya cam takot nak pegang~~~~~
i really love you NOR HAZIQA KAISARA~~~


f.a.r.a.h said...

sumpah comel!!!!!
hahahaha! geram dow. muke nak kudus je baby nih. ;)

Mama Qaseh said...

So sweet rite ths Khaisara..i want to call her Sara..sweet

h.a.n said...

farah:hahhaa..comel as her super great aunty~~
me me~~

h.a.n said...

i want call her haziqa~~hahhaha
sweet glew