Tuesday, February 23, 2010

10 things

i can found so many things in the world..but i know i just need 10 things to complete my life without any mistaken ;)

  • ALLAH as a god

  • FAMILY as my soul

  • FUTURE YOU as my entire life

  • BESTFRIENDFOREVER as my backbone

  • NOTEBOOK as my knowledge

  • BOOKS as my therapy

  • HALF FOOD as my energy

  • J.LETO as a pembuli

  • MEMORY as my experiences

  • PICTURES as my lukisanjiwa

*i need you i need you more and more plus more and more again ;)


JHaZKiTaRo said...

salam jauh dari bumi Dublin, Ireland.. blog walking kejap.. rajin2, jemput laa singgah ke my blog.. :)

h.a.n said...

oke oke...i akan singgah selalu ;)

embun d tengah malam said...

10 benda yang bagus..i sokong

h.a.n said...


oke oke ;)

i'msosupernotcool said...


h.a.n said...

u as a bestfriend la i'msosupercool ;)