Tuesday, April 13, 2010

nice and stupid

the nice and stupid things that i done when i like or love " a guy " :p

  • learn to play the guitar to make him know that i can play the guitar as good as him :)

  • being so nice and pretend that i'm not so jealous when he asked me to have a date with his ex girlfriend :DD

  • trying to like his favourite songs "rock kapak " but indeed in my heart WTF that songs !! :p

  • wash his clothes :)

  • keep on say sorry even i'm not make a mistake :DD

  • make a big canvas , a bowl of origami , a big card , a quotes ++++

  • finished up my food even i know i can't !! :DD

  • when i get mad !! text him with full of angry but i just send to draft and i i reply to him "owh..i'm oke "

  • keep on gave him a lot of chances :)

  • ignoring all my scandal :p

  • list all our songs and remember our sweet memories :)

  • always keep on silence :)

  • texting him with close my eyes :)

*arghhhhhh....IMY super ****

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Anonymous said...

hurmm... :)