Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I miss YOU

Dear God,

I am glad that I am right this time. I was right to never doubt You, and believe that there is nothing in life to prove to anyone. Sometimes we get carried away with our wants, even more when people put doubts, and we feel like proving them we'll make it. But I didn't. I was even too afraid to prove anything, because I didn't even know whether what I wanted was actually the right thing for myself. But I went for it, out of honesty and good intentions, and the need to satisfy what my heart was saying having in consideration all the failure and disappointment I might face. And I was right. You just worked your magic, and You gave me even more than what I wanted. I learned that sincerity is the key to happiness.

Dear God,

I cried last night at the end of my prayers, because I miss You. I hope you miss me too. Good night.



f.a.r.a.h said...

kenapa buat entry macam nih. sedih la. jahat la kamu!

Anonymous said...

Hmm... why it's sound familiar with this post.. r u a copy cat or something ??

Check this out... and i'm sure u gonna have a big (liar) suprising face...

Be creative... create ur own words... it's amazing... coz it's comes from ur mind..

h.a.n said...
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h.a.n said...

ya..i'm copy form diana rikasari..blogspot..i'm copy all entry...

i didnt mean anything..

i'm sorry oke ..

i just love her words..
thats all..

and sorry again :(