Tuesday, February 22, 2011


don't know why , i just can express my feeling in my blog .. i feel relief when i can sort all my word , this is me :)
sorry buddy , both of you don't deserve me to be your friend , because you're always manipulate my word okay !!
i just know both of  you not until a year , but you're being a psycho and backstabber okay !!

for what both of  you spread all my tweet to my bestfriendforever ?

i don't have any trust to you , i hate your tears , i hate your sad story , and right now i hate everything about you !

 you're not deserve anyone to be your friends okay if you still stuck with the same attitude !!
and please both of you not deserve to get my bestfriendforever as your bestfriend and as your partner !!

and for your information , i type this entry with full of angry , i can't imagine species like you  still alive in this world !!

and you moron , don't you ever find me again , once i block you in my sosial network  , it means i block you forever in my life , get it ?

and you psycho , you can't got my trusted again , once you become a great liar , forever you'll be a liar

if you regret and returning all your mistakes , i just hope .it will be the last mistakes you have done !

special  for you my bestfriendforever , i still love you like always , but i'm so disappointed :(
the last warning , i do not want to hear her name in front of my face anymore . FULLSTOP

Thursday, February 17, 2011


"'umi umi , umi jangan lah nangis , nanti hadif tanak sayang umi lagi "

dialog yang buat aku  menangis dan semakin menangis lagi .. :'(

my elder sister got a breast cancer :| 

i sit , i think ,
and keep on thinking
why she got the worst ever disease in this world :'(

p/s i love you so much kakak , i'll never let you handle your problem alone by  yourself
and don't forget , you have your family as your BACKBONE 

this is your BACKBONE kakak :')

and  think about your FAMILY :')

and please remember this , WE ALL will support you okay :')

Friday, February 11, 2011

5 colors

black , white , grey
orange and green
on his hair

i still searching
which one the perfect
colour for him

maybe, i can't know it
he need to know by himself
try it one by one

the more he tried
the more he can know
which one is better

i sit , i smile
i know on his hair
he have a perfect colour :)

*yes is only for YOU :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

boleh tak ?

boleh tak nak cakap , babi babi babi babi babi babi ..
sorry kawan kawan :'(


biarlah orang spread fitnah kat kita , tapi kita jangan
biarlah orang benci kita , tapi kita jangan
biarlah orang buat kita , tapi kita jangan
biarlah orang maki carut kat kita , tapi kita jangan
biarlah orang kutuk kutuk kita , tapi kita jangan

kita bukan baik , dan kita bukanlah jahat
sebab kita tahu 
setiap orang ada baik ada sisi jahatnya , and setiap orang jahat ada sisi baiknya 

p/s tapi kita boleh lepaskan geram kita terhadap dia dengan cakap dengan dirisendiri ;)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


diam tak bererti salah
diam juga tak bererti kalah
diam tak bererti mengiyakan apa yang benar atau apa yang tidak benar

biarlah diam kalau itu boleh menenangkan hati
biarlah diam kalau itu dia rasa dia menang
biarlah diam kalau itu boleh tidak mencetuskan pergaduhan

diam tidak akan menimbulkan fitnah
diam akan buat perkara itu berhenti disitu

duduk diamdiam sambil berfikir apa itu kehidupan yang sebenar ;)

syhhhhhh diamdam and jaga dirisendiri ;)