Thursday, November 3, 2011

for you SAYANGKU

for you Sayangku Ringgit Malaysia , 

How are you? I hope you okay with your loves ones ;)  serious I miss you okay  , everyday I always think about you , where to find you. I need you so badly 

For your information, the reason I wrote this , because everyday I look at my  charles&keith clutch , I can't saw you :( where are you Sayangku ? 

sayangkuringgitmalaysia :)

I'm going to Japan this upcoming July , seriously I need you more sayangku, and and and and I want travel around Europe , especially Italy and London , for sure I really really really need you more sayangku Ringgit Malaysia  :( 

My Sayangku Ringgit Malaysia . Don't you have your pity on me? I need you now. I mean it okay ! please come to me , pretty please okay :'( 

This is my wishlist for my upcoming birthday , seriously I need you so badly :'( where are you Sayangku Ringgit Malaysia , I really hope I can buy flight ticket KL-PARIS for my upcoming  birthday present :) 

wishlist birthday present :)

your lovely girlfriend , 

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aidaazleta said...

Silalah menabung!