Monday, March 19, 2012


hey Baby

listen to me carefully

come and sit beside me
i’ll tell you everything about me

hey Baby  

listen to me carefully
age is just a number
it won’t be any trouble at all

stay and stay with me
i will be your best friend
i will be your guiding light
i will be your lover
i will be your everything

hey Baby 

listen to me carefully
for all the things that matters
only you can take my golden heart

H - why me ?
A - why do you choose me ? sama reason la
H - I don't have any reason to like or love you
A - I nak jawapan yang sama gak la 

I'm wearing i-dont-know-the-brand sweater and Topman lazy pants

p/s kalau I tak sayang u , kenapa I ajak u pergi Paris :p

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