Sunday, April 29, 2012

thank you

        Dear Allah 

thank you give me another chance , Alhamdulillah , I really glad I still can breath the air , and I know everything happen have a reason 

I'll call its my destiny , and I knew you still love me , you give me this strength to make me know I still have my family and friends who will support me until I close my eyes 

  this test make me more stronger , even I hide everything from my family , I make  the mistake and I'll take the responsibilities                        

even my mum and my bestfriend know I got the problem when both of them listen my voice , my voice can't hide anything , seriously I'm so sorry 

I was cry on my last prayer , I'm so grateful you just give me a little test , and I know I can handle it ,
 remember  ? I still live in positive world right :) 

I just wanna say thank you Ya Allah , Thank you Mak , Thank you Abah , Thank you to both of my kakak , thank you my friends especially Aida Azleta 

but I wanna say sorry to my soulmate Ain Hedzir 

thank you again Allah , because give me another chance ! I really appreciate it 

you can find the money , but you can't find another life and other memories in your live


" dear , guard yourself carefully " - thank you B , you always been  there for me even  though you're so far far far away :') 


aida azleta said...

Awww..ade name aku..:p
Belajar dari kesilapan..
It will make u stronger..
Bersyukur sbb xde pape yg teruk jd kt ko..buatla sujud syukur..anything just ping me k..:)

h.a.n said...

thank you , malam tadi aku dah buat sujud syukur :)

betul , aku tak ada apa apa , at least I got second chance untuk berubah