Saturday, June 30, 2012


saya baru je habis exam financial :D and I got another 2 paper before I'm going to Bandung for short vacation after my final examination 

terfikir untuk menulis entry ni ketika saya tengah exam tadi , saya lupa 3 formula financial , and terfikir apa formula tu dalam masa 15 minit , sebab soalan lain saya dah siapkan :p tinggal calculation tu je la , eheheh , ketika tengah nak mengingat balik apa formula tu , saya boleh pulak terfikir nak tulis entry ni :D hehehehe 

saya tak broken heart pon sekarang , ni just lagu lagu yang sesiapa tengah broken heart then nak survive dari brokenHEART :D eheheh , saja je share and saya pon ada bagi link youtube sekali :D

okay okay 

1.  I hate everything about you   Three Days Grace 
" I hate everything about you , why do I love you " 

2. You could be happy - Snow Patrol 
" you could be happy and I won't know " 

" it makes me sick to  think of you undress , everyday I love you less and less"  

4. Use Somebody - Kings of Leon 
" you know that I can use somebody someone like you " 

5. Ignorance - Paramore 
" I don't wanna hear your sad songs , I don't wanna feel your pain " 

5. Playing God - Paramore 
"next time you point the finger , I'll point to the mirror " 

6. You don't know me - Ben Folds 
" so I'll say something that I should have said long time ago , you don't know me , you don't know me at all

7. I am me once more - Zee Avi 

"you assume that i needed you..but you didnt realize i don't need anyone but myself " 

actually banyak je lagu lagi yang boleh buat kita cheer up :) 

Friday, June 29, 2012

counting to Japan trip

ticket flight - checked 

passport - checked 

visa application - checked 

visa - checked 

money - unchecked 

masih dalam mood exam :D ada lagi 3 paper

guys please pray for me ;)

love you , xoxo


Monday, June 25, 2012

w a t c h

r e l i e v e d 

and this watch special for you Syahmi Afnan :) 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

olsen olsen - Sigur Ros

 felt upon this lovely video last night and I deeply devout this to this lovely my friend Ikhwan , before this I found the audio version , this is the live version , totally different from the the audio version :) 

in  this video you can hear clearly the sounds of  wind , the puppy barking  , the old man chatting with his friends , the happy kids with their family and both of them are enjoying  watching Sigur Ros singing Olsen Olsen 

I really love the music arrangement , seriously I fall in love with the sounds of  violin , the flute and the drum , seriously awesome ! they played well with all the instrument , good job Sigur Ros ! and all your songs never fail on my ear :) 

I can feel the calmness when I listening this song , they have a brilliant idea because they know  how to compose a great song like this ! seriously 

to tell you the truth , seriously  I can imagine like I'm sitting on the grass with my partner , both of us feel the wind and  my hair blowing away, drink a cup of hot chocolate  , enjoy the great weather  , feel the calmness , smile each other and sing a long together with everyone  :D 

you can watch HD version and , click this link  :D 

p/s counting counting :") 

Monday, June 18, 2012

h a t e r s

I’m not good to heal my feeling , being hated by someone who I don’t know  , make my life miserable , keep on thinking who is he or she ?
when someone hate you , you can’t feel the calmness , where the joy ? where the  smile on your face ? where your happiness ? 

I know I’m not a good person , and I will learn to be a good person 

dear anonymous , 
can I ask you something ? do you really know about me ?  where did you get all the information , or  you just only read my blogspot and maybe you scroll my twitter profile and you simply judge me :) 
thank you for the advise , I'll take as a good thing for me , I'll change all the negative things in me to be a positive person ,  once again thank you :) 
if you think , this is a game and you want to play with it , seriously I'm not interested on it , to tell you the truth I'm not a good player at all :) 

I’m not hate you my dear anonymous , I’m just being me , just being someone who have a name , who have a religion , who have a family and friends around me 
hopefully you happy with your life as I’m happy with my life :) 

smile as long as you can :) 

you should taking your haters lovingly 

this is me , and this is real me


Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy father's day

the GREATEST gift I ever had 
came from GOD 
I call him DAD 

my dad and I 


I love you until my last breath I promise with my right hand 


Saturday, June 16, 2012


don't expect everyone like you , and you don't even like everybody 

nobody perfect 



Wednesday, June 13, 2012


minggu yang stress dari 3 minggu lepas sehingga lah minggu ni memang tak akan habis , dan akan bersambung sampai la final exam week , tak cukup tidur , tak cukup masa , and macam macam lagi :( tapi update blog ada masa kan ? :p 

hari ini berlalu seperti biasa , test berderet and ada satu perkara yang mengejutkan bila lecturer sendiri kecil hati dengan class kita sendiri , and diri sendiri yang tiada kena mengena and tak tahu pon terlibat sama 

one of my classmate update status dekat facebook " financial ni macam sial la " okay , maybe maksud dia  dia stress dengan diri dia yang tak boleh buat assignment tu , oleh kerana dia tak ada basic finance and kami semua diberikan tugas untuk buat soalan finance yang maha susahnya , for sure la stress ,saya tak salahkan dia , maybe dia tak ada niat pon nak maksudkan apa dia update status tu !  saya sendiri stress buat assignment finance ni , everytime saya akan update dekat twitter , stressnya dengan finance ni :p saya sendiri bergaduh dengan Wani bila dia ajar saya buat finance and saya tak faham , " what do you expect from me? I don't have any basic in finance , zero knowledge about this subject and I'm not a business student ! " emo gila buat finance :p tapi itu conversation saya dengan Wani la ketika dia ajar saya :p last last faham juga and boleh buat juga assignment finance tu :p 

tapi oleh kerana perkataan SIAL tu , lecturer saya kecil hati dengan kami semua ! macam dia tak ajar apa apa pon ketika dalam class dia , macam tu la.. 

sebenarnya , perkataan yang tak elok macam sial , celaka , babi , WTF , jahanam , bitch and lain lain  ni tak elok la untuk disebut , saya sendiri tak suka dengar and tak suka nak sebut , bukan ke sesuatu perkataan yang keluar dari mulut kita tu kan doa ! marah macam mana pun , stress macam mana pon , please la , jangan la sebut perkataan perkataan tak elok tu , lagi lagi ketika driving ! now semua orang kalau marah , kalau emo mesti nak update kat Facebook , nak update kat status twitter . haih 

and saya bukan lah baik sangat , sampai tak pernah sebut perkataan perkataan tak elok tu , tapi saya kurangkan , saya selalu cakap damn and bongok ! itupon saya nak kurangkan :'( 

and sometimes mereka change spelling untuk perkataan perkataan yang tak elok tu , sama je saya rasa , yang penting niat , awak memang dah niat nak guna perkataan macam tu , sama je saya rasa ! as long as awak ada niat untuk cakap perkataan perkataan tak elok tu !

sebenarya saya sendiri tak faham dengan orang orang yang selalu sangat nak emo , nak judge orang lain , selalu fikir orang lain teruk , dia je yang baik , dia je yang always right , dia je la yang malang. kenapa tak fikir apa yang ada kat diri sendiri tu , before nak menghukum orang lain ! sila percaya dengan qada dan qadar 

saya sendiri cakap , saya bukan lah baik sangat , saya khilaf and sehingga kini saya masih macam ni , tapi tak perlu untuk menghukum orang lain and judge diri sendiri tu selalu betul , ini pon saya cakap dengan diri sendiri gak :) 

once again , stop judge orang , stop provoke orang , stop sebut perkatan perkataan tak elok ! 

ni just frankly speaking , apa yang saya lihat and saya dengar ! I'm sorry and be positive everyone :) 



Sunday, June 10, 2012

EURO 2012

I'll support GERMANY again for this time ! go go GERMANY go  ! since world cup 2002 , my favourite team goes to GERMANY and will be continue until now ;)


the player 

and for EURO 2012 , my schedule pack with assignment , test , presentation , final exam and vacation . oh I wish  I can watch  all the match for GERMANY !

white shirt symbol for the team :D 

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Final Exam

another 20 days before my final exam , good luck to me and the others :)

this semester , my first paper on 27th June follow by 29th and 30th of June,  then another paper on  5th and 6th of July !

I already make my timetable for final exam , I have to  manage my timetable , because for this semester we don't have any " study week " because of UiTM replace study week with midterm break for Hari Gawai last week T__T

this is my timetable for my Final Exam 

and I need 6 days for make a short note every subject , and another 2 days for review and answer all the past year question for  each subject !I have  to cover up all the chapter and understand it one by one !

starting from last week , seriously busy with all the assignment , report , test and presentation , hurmmmm , I need some vacation and good foods  for me !

my busy life  start from 1st June until my last paper on 6th July !

Each colour have their own agenda for example submitted the report , test , assignment , presentation , vacation and concert , eheheh :p 

one word STRESS 

8 tips to remove the stress when FINAL EXAM is coming ! 

  • beribadat dan berdoa 
  • get a massage 
  • talk to someone 
  • be positive and listening to your favourite music 
  • bertenang and always say " chill laaaaa
  • bercakap dengan diri sendiri ;) 
  • beriadah 
  • makan sedap sedap especially ice cream , chocolate and subway 


Friday, June 1, 2012


saya peminat kereta classic , seriously ! kereta sport macam ferrari or subaru tu tak ada dalam list kereta idaman pon , even though saya suka drive kereta laju 

saya pernah mention saya suka mini cooper s kan ? yeah itu memang saya suka dari dulu , tapi before saya suka mini cooper s , saya suka mini cooper austin , and sebab kenapa saya suka Aliff Ferdauz  for the first time sebab dia drive mini cooper austin tu :p and kereta dia selalu je park kat tepi rumah saya :) 
ni kereta dia yang maha comel boleh clik link  ni , saya pernah ada mention macam mana saya boleh kenal dia :p 

saya pernah berangan nak kereta volkswagen ni , serious awesome kan ? tapi kalau drive kat Malaysia leceh la , sebab Malaysia selalu jammed and kereta ni tak ada aircond kot :p panas ! 

ini mini cooper austin milik Aliff Ferdauz , saya pernah cakap dengan dia nak try drive kereta ni , tapi tak bagi :( gila kedekut kot , bukan orang nak buat apa pon , tapi saya pernah try start engine je , itupon dia pandang atas bawah , berjaya tak saya start engine :p 

ni kereta abang saya Boy , Charade Detomaso , tapi kereta dia ni , dia dah buat roof boleh bukak la , engine 1.8 la , macam macam la , ni second car dia , tapi last 2 months kereta dia kena rompak , habis semua hilang , seat mahal pon hilang sekali , kereta dia yang ni memang dia tak bagi siapa siapa pon drive ! and saya pon tak pernah lagi drive kereta dia yang ni :( 

and dalam music video Lebih Indah by Adera ni , Adera ni dia drive mercedes benz lama , serious awesome !  boleh layan MV ni sebab best and lagu dia pon easy listening :) 

senyuman seorang driver yang bertauliah :)