Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Final Exam

another 20 days before my final exam , good luck to me and the others :)

this semester , my first paper on 27th June follow by 29th and 30th of June,  then another paper on  5th and 6th of July !

I already make my timetable for final exam , I have to  manage my timetable , because for this semester we don't have any " study week " because of UiTM replace study week with midterm break for Hari Gawai last week T__T

this is my timetable for my Final Exam 

and I need 6 days for make a short note every subject , and another 2 days for review and answer all the past year question for  each subject !I have  to cover up all the chapter and understand it one by one !

starting from last week , seriously busy with all the assignment , report , test and presentation , hurmmmm , I need some vacation and good foods  for me !

my busy life  start from 1st June until my last paper on 6th July !

Each colour have their own agenda for example submitted the report , test , assignment , presentation , vacation and concert , eheheh :p 

one word STRESS 

8 tips to remove the stress when FINAL EXAM is coming ! 

  • beribadat dan berdoa 
  • get a massage 
  • talk to someone 
  • be positive and listening to your favourite music 
  • bertenang and always say " chill laaaaa
  • bercakap dengan diri sendiri ;) 
  • beriadah 
  • makan sedap sedap especially ice cream , chocolate and subway 



Hans said...

good luck my friend :-)
be the best among the best

h.a.n said...

thank you :)

NIZAM said...

subway bagus. makanan yang menyihatkan :) kan?

Do the best Han. ingat tau, takde luck pun dlm exam, yang penting usaha.


p/s: ala, rindu nk exam jugak. :(

aida azleta said...

All the best!