Thursday, June 21, 2012

olsen olsen - Sigur Ros

 felt upon this lovely video last night and I deeply devout this to this lovely my friend Ikhwan , before this I found the audio version , this is the live version , totally different from the the audio version :) 

in  this video you can hear clearly the sounds of  wind , the puppy barking  , the old man chatting with his friends , the happy kids with their family and both of them are enjoying  watching Sigur Ros singing Olsen Olsen 

I really love the music arrangement , seriously I fall in love with the sounds of  violin , the flute and the drum , seriously awesome ! they played well with all the instrument , good job Sigur Ros ! and all your songs never fail on my ear :) 

I can feel the calmness when I listening this song , they have a brilliant idea because they know  how to compose a great song like this ! seriously 

to tell you the truth , seriously  I can imagine like I'm sitting on the grass with my partner , both of us feel the wind and  my hair blowing away, drink a cup of hot chocolate  , enjoy the great weather  , feel the calmness , smile each other and sing a long together with everyone  :D 

you can watch HD version and , click this link  :D 

p/s counting counting :") 


NIZAM said...

Han, sy pun nk dgr lagu tu tp internet slow plak. but from your description about this song, macam best sgt lagu ni. nnt nk dgr la. :)

h.a.n said...

you should listen this song , and all the sigur ros song :')

thank you , i just show up what I'm feel

aida azleta said...

Dalam hati ade taman ke?? :p

h.a.n said...

aida : no la , cuma bayangkan apa yang ada kat dalam vc ni :)

i can feel the calmness , seriously :D

aida azleta said...

Heeee..yela tu :p

h.a.n said...

yelah , kau tu yang tak mengerti apa lagu , aku kan suka dengar lagu :)