Wednesday, July 18, 2012

you can't have everything you like

Dear Allah

I really know , I can't have everything I like , I can't make everyone satisfied what I'm done , and I can't make everyone agree with my decision , eventhough its really tough for me to make a decision.

sometimes , I really know , this test give me some strength , make me think either using my heart or brain to make a good decision for me.

Dear Allah

I was cry on my last prayer , I know you're the one who know everything about me. I really hope I'll make a good decision for me and everyone else.

and I know, maybe I'll get another chance or maybe you have another reason , why you give this test to me :)

Dear Allah

seriously thank you for everything :)

by the way , thank you to all my family and  bestfriends who still support me , I'm really appreciate it :')

love ,

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pink_stitchy said...

hey what had happened?