Saturday, September 15, 2012

How You Know - Yasmin Ahmad


I repeatly playing this song while I'm reading Yasmin How You Know , I fall in love with this book and this song when Narmi cover this song , dont know why !

by the way , guys you should read Yasmin How You Know , you will learn and gain some knowledge from this book !

Yasmin Ahmad , one of the Malaysian director I love , not a typical Malaysian director like Ahmad Idham , Syamsul Yusof and so on -.-

I really love all her masterpiece , one word to give her is GENIUS !

I love this note at the back from this book !

" note : this book is not damaged , it is intentionally designed with the yet-to-be-perfected look. read it, and you'll understand why , God willing "

I'll share one quotes from Yasmin

what if  you were to take music out of my life ?
would I still be able to place the memory of
a friend or a lover in its rightful corner ?
is my heart so feeble
that it should need a song or a movie
or a paperback novel to weave the plot of its own story ?
can it not compose its own operas
without echoing someone else's melody ?
there was no music in that hour I was born
no tune but the noise of my mother's suffering
yet born I was and here I am
and what of the first musical note that I ever heard?
if you had prevented it and all that came after it
would my rainbows be less colourful in some way ?
there will be no music beneath the stone
that will mark my grave
yet so shall my soul live on
there is no music at that peak of loving
when i arch my spine throw my head back
my mouth half open my eyes hald closed
and the lightnings in my loin spread across the north , south east and west of my body
how I live for that moment
crave for it , hunt for it and when I can't have it
neither the sweetness of Mozart
nor the intensity of the Degung can take the place of it
and as for eating , let me ask you
have you ever heard a symphony so rich or read a manuscript so fine
that it could satisfy hunger better than fish ?
so now then my friend
why dont you take away your music
and your pulp fictions
and your MTV
and your Hollywood
and furnishme , instead with the drama of raw kampung vegetables dipped in sambal
a concerto of a breeze chasing sparrows a cross yellow acred of ripe padi
and the unique novel that an illiterate young former will write in my womb with the warm ink of his passion
for now
just give me the sincerity of unmanufactured pleasures


NIZAM said...

oh, yes! karya Yasmin Ahmad sangat lain. saya suka storyline, background, music. sume nampak total different dr filem tipikal Malaysia.

p/s: sy suke Sepet.

h.a.n said...

yeaaah , hehehhe , saya suka mukhsin :)