Thursday, November 15, 2012


a day trip at Singapore with my bestfriend Wanee and Fadzli Zakaria , unplanned trip ! I had a great day at Singapore with both of them ! teheee , thank you guys for accompanying me , you guys such a great friends ! even though both of you had a bad day and feeling unwell ! 

this is my first time going to Singapore using public transport ! seriously I don't know how to using it, and thank  god I had awesome friends Wanee, and she handled it everything from bus , MRT and so on ! 

we met at JB Central around 10a.m , check passport at immigration , then take a bus only RM1 and heading to Keranji Station ! we decided to explore  Marina Bay , Bugis Street and Orchard Road ! it just a day trip , do not expect more from us :) 

Seriously I love Singapore public transport , it user friendly ! and I love Singaporean style, mostly all of them have a good of fashion , and the good this is they are using all apple item , from iphone , ipad and so on ! its hard to me to look they are using blackberry or samsung ! from primary school until a worker :D ( and terasa nak sorok  my blackberry and gtab saya ketika itu ) 

okay , stop it with all the Singapore , let me share our photo :) 

camwhore everywhere ! teheeee 

us at Marina Bay shopping centre 

me and Wanee 

Wanee and Fadzli Zakaria 

me and Fadzli Zakaria 

Fadzli Zakaria at Bugis Street 

me at Orchard Road and I'm wearing pink polka dot sleeveless , Cotton On short long skirt , Cotton On slippers , bagpack , unbranded scarf 

Wanee at Marin Bay 

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Rara Nasiha said...

bestnyaaa! bilalah nak sampai sana lagi :)

h.a.n said...

hihih , nanti jom la pergi sana :)