Sunday, December 9, 2012

Diana Rikasari

its been a while , I don't write any entry on my blog , I have a lot of thing to tell you guys , but seriously I don't have any time or I'm so lazy , recently my activities I just tweet or instagram , LOL 

actually last friday I met my favourite fashion blogger from Indonesia , Diana Rikasari  , I really adore her , I read her blog since 2009 ! she really adorable , cute , nice and lovely ! my heart beat so fast when I'm talked to  her and asking about their up's ! 

sometimes I got my fashion sense from her , she unique and know how to mix and match all the clothes , from head to toe :) 

yes , Malaysian had a lot of fashion blogger, don't know why I'm not interested with them 
:( sorry 
for me , fashion is about how you express yourself , just be yourself , do not follow the trend or whatsoever called fashion hectic 

Me with Diana Rikasari at OBB 

p/s I had an awesome November for this year :') 

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