Tuesday, December 11, 2012


when I need something will make me happy , I just think about myself , music , books and travelling ! 

its sound selfish , but I really know that I'm a selfish person , people come and people go , its only you know how to make yourself better , no one else , its you ! that's why , when I need something will make me happy. I just think about all the above :) 

actually , my ambition when I'm primary school  is I want to leave from my usual place , I don't have any specific ambition like doctor , stewardess  , architecture or anything else! I just want to be myself , doing everything I like or love , it will be a musician , writer or a teacher same as like my dad ! 

actually I really want to migrate outside without anyone knowing it even my parents , but I really know , I can't get the bless from them ! LOL 

I think I wanna migrate at Australia or maybe Greece, oh no Italy sound cool and for sure New York will be nice too ! and unfortunately I'm still studying ! pity me :( 

I don't care about the country , as long as I can be alone by myself without anyone know or recognize me , I'm okay , sometimes Brunei or Philippine sounds awesome too , or maybe I'll work at pedalaman Sarawak or pedalaman Sabah ! wow oh wow ! :D  

oh no ! keep on dreaming Hayat Haniza Malek ! 

but from now on I still need my family and my bestfriend ! Yeah , they always beside me when my life miserable , happy , upside down and bla bla bla bla bla bla 

and tomorrow will be 12 12 12 , last beautiful number ! but I'm still love this number 2011 2011 :) 


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