Tuesday, February 19, 2013

5 years

Happy Birthday to you  !

oh no ! 5 years already ! I can't imagine it ! seriously ? 5 years already ?

I'm starting blogging on 19th Febuary 2009

my blog like my e-diary , I share everything on this blog , my passion ,my family , my friends ,  my favourite music , movie , my activity , my travelling  my lovestory and everything :)

and I'll said I gain some experience from this blog , I knew a lot of people from this blog too ! I grow up with this blog , I share all my memories on this blog , when I read back all the entry , sometimes I wanna laugh , sometimes I wanna cry :D

thank you family , friends and all of you who read THE BOOKS OF HAYAT HANIZA MALEK  !

I really appreciate it :)


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