Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tag by Ayeen Kadir - 50 randoms about me

50 random about me start it now !

1. I have a peterpan syndrom 
2. I'm using maxis , celcom and digi , because of my dad using digi , my mum  using celcom and my mama using maxis 
3.every week I'll cut my nails 
4. sometimes I'll sleep after subuh but by 10 a.m I'll already wake up , and I'm a morning person :) 
5. I love tv series and I'm fan of Glee , The O.C , One Tree Hill , Desperate Housewife and many more 
6. I don't like public toilets 
7.I'm obsessed with Lilly Allen and I create a hashtag  #WhyILoveLillyAllen 
8. I always fall in love with a guy who have same interest with me 
9.I can play a guitar and keyboard and I was a Yamaha Music School student but not finished up my class :p
10.I love Mango collection so much 
11.I have a big big family 
12. I have 2 mum who really love me 
13. my super great boyfriend is a HJ MALEK 
14.I always mix and match my clothes 
15. I really adore Diana Rikasari , Bono , Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen , Liyana Jasmay and Zooey Deschannel 
16. I hate my lips and mole 
17. I love travel , and I'm travel alone from Malaysia to France to met my boyfriend
18. I really love reading ! I have a lot of books from various author 
19. I really into music ! 
20. 30 second to mars , Boys like girls , Paramore , All American Rejects , Sigur Ros , Hoobstank , Neon Trees , Linkin Park , Tokio Hotel , Super Junior , Wonder Girls , Katy Perry , The Used , Mocca , Dewa 19 and Raygun ! I watch their perform live in front of me  
21. I love art when I was in high school 
22. I was take extra paper on  SPM 
23. I have a lot of flat shoes from various brand 
24. don't know why I really love  Barbie , hihih
25. I love spent time at Ikea and Borders The Curve 
26. I prefer acoustic version rather than audio version 
27. I'm a food hunter 
28. I can spent almost 11 hours to browse new restaurant 
29. Mocha is my favourite drink 
30. I'm a huge fan of Jared Leto , Johnny Depp , John Mayer , Adi Putra , Shah Jazle , and Jay Chou
31. I'm starting using a handphone from 2001 and my first handphone is Alcatel 
32. I hate make up ! I just using baby powder :) 
33. I have a minor phobia when I'm driving 
34. I hate when someone using bad words 
35. I fall in love with mini cooper austin 
36. Ice cream can calm me down :) 
37. the hardest part of being me is I always don't know what to wear 
38. Rome Italy is my dream place 
39. I really love old building and I can spent my time to feel the memories 
40.I'm a fast reader , I can read all Harry Potter's novel within a week and I watched all their movie at cinema
41. I hate rock kapak ! LOL 
42. currently my facourite radio station is 
43. I have imaginary friend when I was a kid
44. my first french kiss with my cousin Aqila because both of us watch Cruel Intention 
45.I don't like extreme activity 
46. I have around 20 of plain black shirt from various brand
47. I hate horror movie but I love thriller movie 
48. I'm not into a trend but I really love street fashion
49. I don't like flowers , but all my ex's always give me a bouquet of roses rather than give me a books
50. I just love when someone call me Haniza instead of Han , Hayat or Niza :) 

I'm done with 50 facts about me :) thank you Ayeen ! guys , go visit her blog !  I really love her blog



Ayeen Kadir said...

Thank you for doing the tag! :D

And omg, I LOVE spending time at IKEA and Borders too!! :D

h.a.n said...

hihi , seriously ? that's my favourite place !