Saturday, May 25, 2013

Penang , Malaysia

actually I went to Penang last September 2011 , I'm alone by myself travel to Penang by using flight , bought with RM 15 for 2 ways on Airasia promotion , lucky me :)

3 days 2 night at Penang ,I had a lot of fun and yes Penang is one of the awesome place I ever had ! I'm travel a lot local and international places! every place have their own special things , special foods , special history and others !

but for me , I just love Penang , because of their foods , their history , their community and the best thing is their beach ! and yes I really miss Penang !

let me share my photo at Penang , by the way I stayed at 2 hotel , for first night at Tune Hotel Penang and the other night at Hard Rock Hotel Penang.

so guys , Penang is the best place I can recommended if you wanna travel with the awesome food and awesome activity :)

let me share my photo ! teheeee , travel without any photo to memorize is useless :) hihihihih

at P.Ramlee house , one of the legent artist in Malaysia ! 

the best Nasi Kandar at Penang ! I really love this building and their foodsss ! nyummmey

Tune Hotel , budget hotel for the traveler , RM 60 per night :) 

Toys Museum  ! 

Feringgi Beach ! I'm a girl who love beach so much :) 

Hard Rock Hotel Penang 

actually , before this I already write about Hard Rock Cafe  in my older entry last year :)

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Anonymous said...

bestnye....tak pernah sampai rumah p.ramlee,toy museum n hard rock cafe.....