Sunday, July 7, 2013

Despicable Me 2

if you follow my twitter , you can know how am I addicted on minnions Despicable Me ,I can't stop   laughing when I watched all the video on youtube, its really fun ! seriously ! I can spend all my night just watch all the video instead of doing my assignment and my drawing ! hehehe 

so last friday night , I'm going to watch Despicable Me 2 with Wanee  ! its totally awesome , you should watch it guys ! as usual all the minnion still cute and adorable so do Agnes ! hehehehe 

actually I have an exam on sunday morning , but sempat lari kejap tengok dekat GSC Summit USJ ! teheeeee 

for this time , I'm preferred Despicable Me 1 for the whole story , its really touched me ,  when I can feel the love between Mr. Gru and all his children :') 

but I still like Despicable Me 2 ! I still give full mark because they can  make me laughed non stop even though I really stress with my last paper :p 

see bertapa semangatnya gila nak tengok , saya just pakai plain black shirt and seluar tidur untuk tengok movie and konon konon lepas habis movie terus sambung study ! itu semua tipu sahaja sebab lepas tu lepak McDonalds sebab nak minnion yang comel tu ! 

tadaaaaa ! 

by the way , thank you Wanee sebab belanja tengok movie and thank you Syahmi sebab belikan minnion ni  and belanja mcflurry oreo ! teheeee