Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Behind the 3913

for me , everything happen have a reason , Allah know what the best for us , and yes sometimes He will take one of the good things in your life , the things you love or the person in your life , but I really know , He will replace it back with much more better :) 

being a positive person , it such a good things for me , don't asking me why , why I always think positive , its a hard thing to think a negative ! 

I was counting a blessing when I will know the truth , how I did so lucky MasyAllah ! 

actually I got an offer to works at Australia for a year but I'll extend my study , and I'm not discuss it with my family yet,  when I got a call from that agency , I just shocked and speechless , he called my name two times either to know I'm still on phone or not :) 

I should attend the talk first to know either I suitable or not to works at Australia , guys can you pray what the best  for me ? maybe this is a good opportunities for my future , but we don't know the future right ?  :) 

yesterday is history and tomorrow is mystery 

once in a while 
two people meet 
seemingly for no reason 
they just pass on the street 
suddenly thunder , shower everywhere
who can explain the thunder and rain 
but there's something in the air 

p/s guys ! don't simply judge or hate someone in this world , nobody perfect , only Allah knows everything :) 


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