Monday, September 9, 2013

Yuna with National Symphony Orchestra at Istana Budaya

please don't asking me why , why do I really adore Yuna ! if you follow my twitter and read my blog , you'll know 3/10 on my entry will be a Yuna's songs !

she just amazing with her voice , I'm just in love with her ! 2 hours with a great performance , a great voice , a great songs , a great styles and a great musician and seriously I never bored at all ! 

actually when she sang Decorate , I wanna cry because the song will be my song forever , every rhyme , each melody and all the lyrics seriously really describe me ! LOL 

no more words can be describe her  she  just amazing ! and yes I rarely watch all her performances before this at Urbanscape 2009 and 2012 ! she always be the same Yuna ! 

and the best part in this event is Mike Einziger ! a guitarist of Incubus !  like seriously  ? Mike Einziger ! Incubus is one of my favourite band since my secondary school ! 

this is my precious moment I ever had okay ! 

thanks Yuna , because you made my day :) 

she is Yuna baby 

I have that tote bag ! 

one of my precious moment in 2013 :) 


NIZAM said...

Whoa! han pergi tengok? cool!

p/s: tote bag tu mmg awesome :)

h.a.n said...

yup ! pergi , hihihih
han kan memang suka Yuna :D

han beli yang kecik je RM20

Hakim Ishraf said...

awesome show in one night!
I wrote an entry too on Yuna & National Symphony Orchestra! :)