Sunday, October 20, 2013

I tweet this, you understand that

Twitter twitter
di sini saya bosan dan ingin mengetengahkan beberapa pendapat tentang twitter. just cause I keep on seeing SO many drama I see on twitter
A tweets about B, C D F G H I J yang terasa
answer this
what do you use twitter for?
if you were to ask me, personally, twitter is about updating what Im doing and saying a little piece of whats in my mind, share information. to me, it is also to know the latest news about what is going about the world and the whereabouts of my friends. now, dont you ever had a situation where you read your friends tweet and you go call up the friend
"hey! you kat sini jugak ke? jom meet up!"
that is what I use twitter for
and also to membaca gelagat orang memalukan diri sendiri di twitter. heh

I once read a tweet:
"tweet is just a tweet" 
"its just twitter. takkan nak terasa pulak"
thats true
but if a person starts making fun of others religion, or start insulting a friends mother for example, then is it JUST a tweet?
I have no idea why am I writing this post up but just want to say, think before you tweet something, its just like in real life, you think before you let words slide from your mouth.
and before this Syahmi pon pernah beritahu " anggap tweet tu macam kata kata daripada mulut, truthfully it is what your mind" 
before tweeting something think about the people that might be offended/hurt from your tweet, yes I know we can't please everybody but that does not give you a right to bash people up in twitter. at times I do wish I nak maki hamun dekat twitter but think about it, its not very classy
afterall its just twitter, bukan?
I  am no where saying I am perfect in twitter or anything, if any of my tweet offended anybody, or even this post, I am sorry. personally I think I have tweeted something that is unappropriate too, but we all make mistakes kan?
renung renungkan lah eh

spread love and positivity :)


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