Sunday, October 20, 2013

War of The Button

sekarang ni saya tengah mid term break! and seriously saya memang habiskan mid term break ni dengan family,makan makaaaaaaaaaan yang sedap, tengok cartoon and tengok movie! senang cerita saya layaaan astro sepanjang hari , no more thesis, no more homework and whatsover called books!

now saya nak review pasal movie War of The Button, France Movie ! an awesome movie, old and classic movie about the kids, Nazi, family and Jew!

the first question when I watched this movie is " Why they hate Jew so much ? "

I'm not good in give a review , but I'll recommend it ! this is an awesome movie I ever watched ! I really love the relationship between the kids! the way they helped each other, the way they tried to escape from their enemies and the way they love their parents ! seriously I do love all the character on this movie! and as usual this kids look so adorable with their old outfit! hihihihih

and as you know, I'm so into with the old and classic movie, outfit, cars and building! don't asking me why

and guys, you should watch this movie! I give full mark for every single thing in this movie :) 

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