Wednesday, November 13, 2013

this is all about TRUST

If you are in a relationship, I believe the first rule is being loyal to your other half. What is the reason for you to be in a relationship if you just want to make and give shits to your partner? If you don't want to be loyal, why don't you just be a swinger? Swing from one person to another with no emotional attachment. Life will be simple and easy plus with no drama at all.

I believe in any kind of relationship, straight or LGBT, 

loyalty is a must. Without loyalty, the relationship will sink

like an incomplete ship. Either it is a cruise or a small boat,

 with incomplete part, it will sink no matter what. 

Why play with the heart if you can't preserve it? Don't you know that heart is very fragile like a glass? Once broken, it will never be perfect again even you try to mend it back. Well, you will never understand it because you doesn't want to think about it. You just so selfish and think high of yourself. Wait till you drop and then try to crawl back to the top.

don't play with someone heart, relationship is not about the two person, is all about the things that you can't even know, either you really want to do or not to do it, this is the things you'll ever know 

J'aime voir le remarquent les details que personne ne voit - amèlie


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