Friday, January 10, 2014

Birthday Celebration

hellllloo helllooo ! wow , my last post on 13th November! being a final year student, and yes I'm busy with tons of works ! and by the way , Happy New Year guys ! hopefully 2014 will bring you joy, bless and happiness all of  time :)

okay on this post, I want to share about my birthday celebration on  last November! I had an awesome celebration with my friends :) unfortunately I can't celebrate with my family because of I'm busy with my Uni works! pity me :( but I'm so appreciate with all the prayers and wish, its enough for me :')

my first celebration was at Aida's! to tell the truth past 3 years, Aida is one of the mastermind who want to make me happy! she always want to surprise me even though I can't realize it! hihihih, and this time, she said,how about sleepover at her house and she just treat me a burger because of she don't have enough money to buy me a cake! hihihi, you're so sweet! but after that, she decided to bake a cake by herself and I told her I already have HAPPY BIRTHDAY candle that I bought for surprise Syahmi for his birthday and unfortunately when his birthday, he always at Moscow :p. okay back to the story, suddenly Ain knock at the door and bring a birthday cake! and officially I have 2 birthday cake this year ! hehehehe, and yes Aida never failed to surprise me ! even a simple birthday celebration between me, Aida and Ain, is enough for me :')

Aida bake a cake by herself without my help! she said " kau pergi je la lepak tengok astro, rumah sewa kau tak ada astro kan? nanti dah siap baru aku panngil kau! " you 're so sweet my gemok! 

and this cake Ain buy it for me ! thank you soulmate :) 

me and my soulmate ! love love love 

me and birthday cake ! 

and my second celebration with my classmates Farid , Sue, Zahir and Amir ! we celebrate at Pizza Hut Sunway Pyramid! simple birthday celebration with them, its okay I'm happy they still want to celebrate my birthday even though we are so buys with tons of work! studio and thesis ! blerrrghhhhhh

Su, Farid , Amir , Zahir and me ! 

and finally Farid treat me with this, because he really know me well, he really know that I really addict with an ice cream! thank youuuuu :') 

and finally my last celebration at TGI Fridays Setia City Mall with Wanee, Eznira , Faes and Fadzli Zakaria ! and this time the mastermind was my superbestfriend Hazwani Rahman! thank youuu sayang! I got a plenty of surprise at here, for the first time I sang a song in front of the strangers because of they bullied me before I blow the candle! damn it ! maluuuuu wooooo! and yes I'm speechless , I don't know which song I want to sang in front of them ! hihihihi 

Faes , Fadzli , Me , Wanee and Eznira 

Chicken sizzling with cheese! super delicious ! 

me with brownies and cheesy cream :') 

my super bestfriend Hazwani Rahman! thank youuu sayang ! love you so much 

and this they bullied me to sang a song in front of the strangers ! hihihihihih

syukur Alhamdulillah, until this time I still can breath the air, I still have a good family and friends surrounding me who appreciate me in an out ! thank you Allah, you gave them for me! Alhamdulillah, I don't have any wish for my birthday except, I want a bless from Allah for dunia and akhirat! I just want to be solehah for my parents , make them proud have me as a daughter , and being a good friend for all my friends :) 

by the way, thank you for all the wishes and prayers at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Message and phone call ! I really appreciate it ! only Allah can reply it for you instead of me! I'll always pray for your happiness guys dunia and akhirat :)

love, xoxo 

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Baru baca..kuikuikuiiii...
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