Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Princess Wanee

last sunday, we decided to make surprise birthday party for Wanee ! Era was suggest me to make surprise birthday for Wanee, but overall all the plan and decoration was my idea :)

Era booked one suite at for the place, she choose pacific regency hotel suits  at Kuala Lumpur. the easy place to all of us to get there and do the decoration :)

ni semua gambar masa tengah buat deco, Ain, Faes and Lee , yang tolong tiup all the balloon and tolong susun atur all the helium balloon untuk nampak nice and cantik and make sure Wanee terkejut masa nampak :p heheheheheh

the theme was pink and black, because of Wanee memang sangat suka color pink and black sebab all of us can wear black :) and actually black is my favourite color, because of i'm an organizer of this surprise party , for sure la , one of my favourite color mesti ada kan :) hehehhehee

cake one of the biggest problem for this surprise party ! hihihi, saya tak nak order cake yang jual online sebab semua orang akan order cake online and akan nampak common, mengada tak ? nak beli secret recipe pon common juga! bosaaan la asyik makan secret recipe , saya nak beli baskin robbin cakes sebab before this , masa birthday saya , aida beli baskin robbin and I really love ice cream, thats why terasa nak cake ni, tapi oleh kerana cepat cair and susah pula nanti, kalau lambat celebrate, so cair pula , and suddenly terfikir nak beli ben's cafe je, ni pon beli kat Pavillion KL , so minta tolong Ain ambil kan :)

cake ni sangat sedap okay ! serious sedap, caramel cream banana chocolate! and semua orang cakap sedap, tak sia sia la saya pilih this cake kan ? heheheheh

okaaay tadaaaaaaaa, ni la Princess of the day ! Princess Wanee ! why we called her as a Princess , because of the crown! hehehe, saya sanggup beli the crown to make her so special on that day ! and yes! she was happy and saya dengan Era so blessed ! sebab, the main reason of this suprise party to make my loved one was happy ! and yes , its happen ! teheeeee

and all the pictures continue with all our camera freak and please enjoy ! hehehhee

 we had so much fun on that day, catch up all the story , since semua dah berkerjaya as an engineer except me an unemployed person, hihihi , so banyak story nak share together !

its good to saw someone we love was happy what we done for them :)

as usual mesti la ada muka sendiri besar besar kan? heheheheheh 

love, xoxo