Friday, September 19, 2014

#20factsabout me

  I got this tagged on #instagram. just wanna share here :)

 So lets do this #20factsaboutme 

1. I have major peterpan syndrome 
2. I cant sing. My friends selalu kutuk bila saya nyanyi depan laptop but i do have a good taste of music 
3. Prefer on acoustic and live version rather than audio version. 
4. Love traveling. Travel to France alone by myself to met my boyfriend. 
5. When im stress i will be super clumsy person. 
6. Selalu kena buli with all my bestfriends, tapi takpe i knew they love me so much.
7.addicted on ice cream and chocolate. 
8. Kalau marah kmk suka klaka sarawak eventhough kmk sikda bf srwkian. Lol 
9. I obsessed with Lily Allen. 
10. Huge fan of Jared leto and alex turner. 
11. Can spent all my time browsing good song on youtube. 
12. Super crazy. Can do all the craziest things with my girlfriends. 
13. A morning person definitely. Tak mungkin bangun selepas pukul 10 walaupun tidur lepas subuh. 
14. I do love classic things. Old buildings. Old books. Classic cars. Do i look old for you? Lol
 15. Always fall in love with a guy who have same interest with me. I said always. 
16. Seriously not into horror movie. I hate it but i prefer watch thriller movie.
 17. A food hunter. And the one yang tak pandai habiskan food sendiri. 
18. Family saya besar. I have 2 mums and 11 siblings. 
19. Last minute person. 
20. I really love someone called me Haniza rather than han, niza, hayat or cheare. Enough kot.

and my classmate doing this #20factsabout me on her instagram. and this is trololololol and yes this really describe me well 

#20facts of @hayathaniza 
1. Terrible singer - complain la macam mana pun dia nyanyi jugak 
2. Ice cream lover - pukul 4 pagi mintak ice cream 
3. Crush dia terdiri dari budak law & business
4. Dia ni boleh tahan kepoh tapi dgn orang2 tertentu je 
5. Selalu pakai tshirt putih + jacket engineering kalau lambat bangun
6. Selalu cakap dia budak baik (tp betul la kut dia ni shisha pun tak) 
7. Food hunter - tapi makan selalu x habis 
8. Good taste in music - aku suka playlist dia ! 
9. Hari hari bad hair day tapi kiteorang tetap suka main rambut dia dlm class 
10. Very honest tahap rasa nak tutup mulut dia and cakap tolong la jangan jujur sgt hahahha ! 
11. Selalu kena suap dia makan sbb dia suka mintak org suapkan 
12. Bad at drawings - kena kasi dia pencil colour je 
13. Suka bawak bantal ikea dia merata tahap masuk library 
14. Kalau dia bosan dia suka kacau org dlm class. Kacau org tido misalnya or main phone or ajak orang sebelah bersembang pastu semua kena marah HAHAHAH 
15. Senang merajuk senang menangis kalau diusik 
16. Dia ni kalau sound org boleh tahan "pedas" but she was very kind actually 
17. Tak suka save number phone org. Cuba tanya dia, dia save number aku tak? 
18. Dia suka cakap gua lu gua lu tapi kan tak ganas langsung cara sebut dia. 
19. Zaman jahiliah dulu dia antara perempuan yg berani masuk uitm pakai skirt tp pandai cover 
20. Suka mengorat lelaki secara terang terangan (ngorat amir contohnya HAHAHHAA)

 and ada juga comment comment tambahan yang betul betul describe me 

 *Indeed!obses dengan internet..agak childish..bukan agak memang betul!tp pandai buat cake..sedap!org yg simple je x mekup pon tape just pakai baby powder..n yg ni mmg annoying setiap kali ada kenduri or gathering or event mesti tanak pakai baju yg dah penah pakai..takut nt update dlm ig org cakap pakai baju yg sama katanya (elehh mcm la awak tu retiss) :p

*Lazy person 2..hahaha

*1 lg fact penting yg tertinggal..ko tu 6 tu aku rasa ko slalu buli aku..bukan ko yg dibuli..kikikii


p/s baru launch instashop heyhhmshops on instagram.  

Sunday, September 14, 2014


that my status on twitter last Wednesday, yes my boyfriend cheat on me. he already have someone else.

what should I do?

1. find that girl and tell her that's my boyfriend so stop message him.

2. being super ridiculous girlfriend, being mad ,shouting at him non stop, keep on nagging in front of him and do crazy things

3. back off and just leave him

I choose no 3. and yes I don't get mad on him after I knew he cheat on me. I just keep on silent and texted him. “its end tonight, I back off and we are done. “

when someone cheat on your relationship. either he or she get bored on you or he/ she just wanna flirting with someone else.

they just cant accept the way you are, thats why he/she cheat on you. in my situation I dont blame my exboyfriend when he cheat on me. he can do that, he know what the best for him. maybe I'm not good enough for him and he cant accept the way I am or maybe he know I’m not his type after 4 years we going through.

and yes to tell the truth I’m totally heartbroken. I keep on crying if I think why he cheat on me? why he cant appreciate me? why he want find someone else?

and until now I dont find the answer. but I should thank to him, at least I had a wonderful moment with him, I gain a lot of knowledge from him, he make me happy, he know how to cheer me up, he know my weakness and he help me a lot.

everything happen have a reason and I trust on it, I dont believe in karma, and maybe this is my time. some people are meant to fall in love with each other but not be together.

and right now I choose to give up 

p/s break-off with this age is not good for me


Monday, September 8, 2014

baju nikah untuk disewa ? disini la jawapannya :D

hye guys,  musim musim cuti cuti ni, mesti ramai yang getting married or nak tunang dengan partner masing masing kan ? seronooooknyaaa nak kahwin !!!!

so dari korang pening pening fikir nak sewa baju untuk nikah or tunang, so jom la baca this entry.

 saya nak sewakan baju tunang or nikah yang SANGAT SANGAT CANTIK OKAY. SERIOUS CANTIK ! my bestfriend punya, for sure this baju sangat la hebat conditionnyaaa.. on they wedding day pon, mereka berdua nampak sangat cantik on that outfit!!


the designer from

so lets check out this

  Size : L fit to XXL

Colour : light peach

Made by itsnanalah (facebook)

Price : RM300 outfit+veil+shawl+ heels 

if you want more detail about this, you can email me or contact  the owner personally Fieza 013-36565131

the designer from

so lets check out this

  Size : XS fit toS

Colour : white 

Made by weddings Galore ( facebook)

Price : RM300 outfit+veil+shawl

 if you want more detail about this, you can email me or contact  the owner personally Norsia - 012-4149239

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

okay, raya dah habis and baru sekarang nak update pasal raya, oh no. teruknya awak Haniza Malek

this year, raya macam biasa and yes I dont have any mood nak celebrate raya, sebab on 3rd on raya saya dah kerja. lol

and this year, no new baju raya, no kasut raya or whatsover called raya thingy. I'm using all the old things that I have in my wardrobe

but I had a wonderful raya with my family and friends. and this year my first time I gave duit raya to all my nieces and nephews including my aunts and uncles. and for sure my parents too :)

so let me share all the photos. just wanna share all the happiness with my family and friends. LOL

p/s gambar bersepah sebab update guna phone je. sebenarnyaaaa banyak lagi gambar, tapi malas nak upload. plus everyweek sepanjang syawal ni pergi open house and dah habis syawal pon masih lagi pergi open house. and yes I'm full and bloated