Sunday, September 14, 2014


that my status on twitter last Wednesday, yes my boyfriend cheat on me. he already have someone else.

what should I do?

1. find that girl and tell her that's my boyfriend so stop message him.

2. being super ridiculous girlfriend, being mad ,shouting at him non stop, keep on nagging in front of him and do crazy things

3. back off and just leave him

I choose no 3. and yes I don't get mad on him after I knew he cheat on me. I just keep on silent and texted him. “its end tonight, I back off and we are done. “

when someone cheat on your relationship. either he or she get bored on you or he/ she just wanna flirting with someone else.

they just cant accept the way you are, thats why he/she cheat on you. in my situation I dont blame my exboyfriend when he cheat on me. he can do that, he know what the best for him. maybe I'm not good enough for him and he cant accept the way I am or maybe he know I’m not his type after 4 years we going through.

and yes to tell the truth I’m totally heartbroken. I keep on crying if I think why he cheat on me? why he cant appreciate me? why he want find someone else?

and until now I dont find the answer. but I should thank to him, at least I had a wonderful moment with him, I gain a lot of knowledge from him, he make me happy, he know how to cheer me up, he know my weakness and he help me a lot.

everything happen have a reason and I trust on it, I dont believe in karma, and maybe this is my time. some people are meant to fall in love with each other but not be together.

and right now I choose to give up 

p/s break-off with this age is not good for me


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